CLOUD DATA LABS was formed in September 2012 by a group of Young Professional from the field of programming and information technology from India's leading universities and Private industries. CLOUD DATA LABS is a Unique organization of company having diverse operations ranging from design, development and manufacturing of complex software solutions to vast segments of Accounting suite, service management, web applications, mobile applications to name a few. In Cloud Data Labs people mean everything. We actively cultivate the professional accounting culture because it is integral to our success. And our company develops web based accounting applications, dynamic websites, customized office automation applications, service applications, mobile applications using world class cutting edge technologies. Our dominant products are AuditPlus, Case Management System (CMS), Service Management System (ATsite), Laundry Management System (LMS), Harbor Management System, Pharmaceutical Management System etc...

                  Every new employee participates in a special Cloud Data Labs training program that is designed to develop and enhance team spirit, self-awareness, technical skills and interpersonal interaction. During this training, our employees also get to know one another and understand our vision, mission and values. While our business is software developing, our passion is customer service. And we believe that happy, empowered employees naturally want to serve customers better. Candid communication, the valuing of opinions, the quest for great ideas, and the ever-present motivation to do things better are aspects of the Cloud Data Labs culture that touch everyone from the C.E.O to the newest employee.

To position CLOUD DATA LABS as India's leading enterprise systems and solutions provider.


Cloud Data Labs have a well equipped lab for designing, testing and researching. We have well qualified and experienced development team with spontaneous technical skills who capable to solve any kind of software requirements. They are well trained for make necessary technological and legal upgradations. It is People who drive our business growth forward-providing the innovation, inspiration and skills to compete effectively in today's global demanding commercial environment. The dedication found within every department of Cloud data labs is the key to realizing our ultimate goal.

CLOUD DATA LABS is a solution provider offers significant flexibility and customization for your specific needs. Whether you require multiple languages, custom fields, or simply to generate a complex inventory and accounting reports or any kind of software needs Cloud Data Labs is an ideal solution for companies. Business enterprises, offices etc... That has their own particular needs. And also providing a 100% customer based environment.

Usually quality control operations are carried out by a well trained team of professionals who are specifically hired to identify products and services that don’t meet the company’s standards of quality. These standards are devised by the company, FDA, or ISO to ensure that the business enterprise is conducted according to industry standards.

Why Choose Us


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